About Us

Shepherd Custom Woodworking shop is located in the quiet 

hills of Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Passion for woodworking, for many begins at an early age. For me, the passion for woodworking began when I was twelve years old. I followed my Dad into the basement to his tiny little workshop. With a few crude tools we began to build a small cabinet. My Dad taught me how to use power tools safely, how to work a piece of wood from its rough form and transform it to the desired size and shape so it will fit together with another, like a puzzle, to create a sturdy, functional piece of furniture. He took great care to show me, if you were careful, and invested enough time, you could expose the hidden beauty of the rough planks of wood. My passion for woodworking grew over the years. While our two girls were growing up, spare time was spent building bedroom sets, and nightstands for the girls. Friends and co-workers began to request specially designed furniture to fit in their homes.
Many of the pieces were designed to be placed in a hard to fit area of the home or was designed to meet a specific style. I was glad to design and build custom pieces im my spare time.

For over 25 years my career was dedicated to training and working police service dogs. I grew to admire and respect the loyalty, sound character and classic lines of the German Shepherd dog. These are the characteristics that I now bring to my woodworking and the full-time business I call Shepherd Custom Woodworking.

Forty years have passed since that first cabinet. I have been learning new woodworking skills and perfecting design styles. I am fascinated by the old New England Architecture and enjoy the functionality and strength of construction in Shaker style furniture. I have tried to merge these two styles in my designs. Each piece that is commissioned is discussed with the customer to identify where in the home it will be and for what purpose it is to be used. This discussion is followed by a drawing and a quote for the piece. Once the piece is under construction, the customer is encouraged to visit the shop to review the progress, and enjoy the creation of their heirloom quality piece of furniture.

At Shepherd Custom Woodworking, we encourage you to contact us for your next fine woodworking project. We are confident that you will be pleased with the personal service, attention to detail and commitment that will go into your project. You and your family will be proud to use and display the piece that you have assisted in creating for many years.

                                                                                               Stephen Smith
                                                                                                                           Shepherd Custom Woodworking